i mean yea theyre cute but he also shot up a school and did her mom so like. where does that leave us

Benedict Cumberbatch - Top Gear Behind the Scenes (x)

Dean being pretty in season 9

Martin Freeman - Oliver Chamberlain Hair and Make-Up Test

"The solution, of course, was simple - kill us both and leave. However, sentiment got the better of you.

Moffat’s Women - Madame Vastra
Madame Vastra is wise, loyal, and capable. She projects an air of poise and is typically rather sparse with her feelings - unless she is around Jenny. There we can observe a much wider range of emotions, from loving and playful to scared and enraged, when the woman she loves is in danger. Not to mention that the two of them have a quite a bit of fun, as they and Strax solve crimes together: Madame Vastra is a Victorian superhero.